A Guiding Light out of the Dark

Transformational leadership and change within an ethical framework

Definition: Alchemy n

“A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination.

The Female Alchemist Experience is a collective one where specialist consultancy meets the magic of problem solving through diversity of thought. When faced with a critical situation, The Female Alchemist brings reassurance and support while working in an often-changing environment.

30+ Years

Experience in the industry

£1 Million

Of funding for charities protected

742 Charities

And Public Sector bodies supported

Meet the Female Alchemist

Bev Garside provides strong leadership and clarity for clients in need of change management. When companies find themselves facing challenges (both internal and external), The Female Alchemist co-creates sustainable practices with the client that generates success and transformation.

Andrew Padmore

“I was most impressed by the speed that Bev mobilised and delivered the results, and all underpinned by the necessary robust processes.”