Supporting Cynnal Cymru Through Organisational Change

Supporting Cynnal Cymru Through Organisational Change

Working with a key department of the Welsh Government to help deliver a sustainability agenda.

Cynnal Cymru was the lead organisation for the delivery of the Welsh Government’s sustainability agenda. Their key contract was coming to an end therefore the board of trustees approached Bev to establish a forward strategy which encompassed the trustee board and a future roadmap for the charity’s work.


The organisation required a full review of the board skills, priorities as well as trustee recruitment. It should be noted that during this time, the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner was created, and The Female Alchemist was asked to create and manage a TUPE consultation process to transfer most staff. The remaining staff and new board sought guidance to refocus the organisation with a built-in sustainability strategy.

This process also involved managing redundancies as well as new contracts for remaining staff.


The TUPE contract required a range of skills at different stages of delivery. This included,
• A review of the function, structure, and recommendations of the board with suggestions put forward for approval
• Facilitation of a forward strategy for the charity post TUPE transfer and beyond the Welsh Government contract
• Initiation of a trustee recruitment campaign to ensure a highly skilled and motivated board lead for the charity, post-transfer.
• Planning and delivery of the consultation process for the TUPE transfer on behalf of Cynnal Cymru.
• Support for the recruitment of incoming staff required to deliver newly established priorities
• Management of the redundancy process


Following this extensive process, the ‘new’ Cynnal Cymru became a charity that thrived regardless of funding was able to generate its own income. To this end, the contracts, staff and board members were able to navigate a new direction and a new future for the charity. The Female Alchemist was key in building the strong foundations that took the charity from strength to strength and continue to spread the sustainability agenda across Wales to this day.

Mari Arthur was. Director of Cynnal Cymru throughout this period and said

“Without Bev’s support and handholding through the transition I’m not sure the charity would have re-established itself. It was a very difficult time, losing staff and trying to build a more commercially minded team and board, I will always be grateful to Bev for being there for us through that time.”

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